Mission: Everyone deserves an equal chance at college. This publication is about leveling the playing field in the college application arena for all sections of society by publishing updated data and tips for the competitive college applicant.

Short Description:  The secrets and formulas for the perfect college application. We addresses the concerns for college prospects in all age groups.

Long Description:

My Kid’s College Secrets guides high school students through their college applications, teaches SAT and ACT preparation strategies, and mentors students for real world through a publication catered to their challenges. It encourages students to dream bigger and hope for a life better than what was handed to them. This startup is a test preparation course, a college application counselor, and a publication to inspire and motivate students. It takes on most people struggle with: instilling a dream in the students and taking practical steps to achieving them.

Everyone should go to college these days, and they can use all the help they can get. However, only a select few students can afford the extremely overpriced SAT courses from the private academies, and even fewer can afford a college application tutor. In other words, students without money are dealt mediocre hands and do not have the chance to excel. Therefore, their lack of money perpetuates the social inequality systematically, and the rich will get richer, while the poor lose everything. Having taught SAT courses, this team realizes that lectures are easy to scale, but the practice tests are far more important. This startup has figured out a way to teach and keep accountable the SAT tutees on a scalable model. As for college applications, having tutored college applications the past two years, MyKidsCollegeSecrets realize the hardest part is for the applicant to find his/her voice. He/She needs to freely express his/her story and to lower his/her inhibitions from speaking freely. This startup developed a plan to address the applicant’s needs. In the meantime, this startup realizes SAT and College Applications are important cornerstones but do not instill dreams and ambitions in students. Everyone, including the members in this team, wants to save the world, but we stay stagnant because of thinking about the idea of changing the world is sometimes more attractive than actually attempting the task. MyKidsCollegeSecrets understands that students are hungry for inspiration; this startup publishes stories of trail-blazers as well as practical tips and advice daily.

MyKidsCollegeSecrets is a publication, a physical class, and a mix of idealism and realism. The publication is for the uninspired kids who need a figure to look up to. The classes take that student through the biggest hurdles before college and keep the perspectives and stories coming so that he/she will always have inspiration to fall back to. A product should not just be test scores or acceptance letters; it is also building character and mentorship, targeting the intangible sides of life. This website is different because the competition tries to attract subscribers through flashy headlines and a modern form a yellow journalism, but this team goes to the schools and meets the students so that each student can see the face behind all the articles, videos, and lectures. It is important that the student feels mentored by another person and not a flashy website. The plan is for then the site to expand via word of mouth, so that the veteran subscriber introducing the site can spark conversation and serve as a representative or face of the publication. Many websites deviate from this because it is not as efficient, but when it comes to mentoring students and guiding their futures, every step is crucial and efficiency is the least concern. This startup already reaches out to local Parent Teacher Student Associations, meeting them face to face to earn subscribers. It has already sent out surveys to gage whether students would be comfortable paying a set amount for help. While other startups outsource their advertising via social media, this team asks and meets the customers face to face in the schools.

A bachelor’s degree is a given these days. As more students go to college, demand for the higher ranked schools will grow. Most universities are not going anywhere, but the debate around the student loan bubble could potentially put the lower ranking schools out of business, growing the demand for higher ranking schools. This results in the growing demand for better test scores and college application preparation as well. The test prep and tutoring market cap is $4 billion, yet only a small group of upper class families can afford this luxury. Low income minority families do not have the means of accessing private tutors or test prep academies. By creating affordable programs for such families, this company can take a huge portion of a neglected market because everyone in the end takes the same tests and prepares the same application. This site starts by gaining the followership of parents, attracting them by providing the resources they will need to best prepare their child for college. After the parents, their children will subscribe when they realize the resources will benefit their futures. Aside from the advertisement revenues, the main product will be a test preparation course for all age groups, strengthening the basic math and grammar concepts in elementary students, providing the easier ACT/SAT questions for middle school students, and testing high school students with the more complex problems and testing their endurance with the four hour exams. The market expands beyond just the high school students; it addresses the parents who are concerned about their middle school and elementary students as well. The material is not as secretive as one may think; there is a scalable business model that can be affordable, effective, and personal enough to get students committed. The advice, articles, stories, and videos are vetted and organized by this team and reposted for free for everyone to see. In the long run, this achieves a loyal group of subscribers to whom it can sell the programs to. Everyone deserves an equal chance at education, and this team believes that the social gap can become smaller through this startup.
The team has an experienced web developer, two cinematographers, several tutors with more than four years teaching experience, and a network of students who attend elite universities all over the United States. This team is comprised of international students, which opens opportunities in China, Korea, and even Alaska. Each team member has applied to college and empathize with the logistical nightmare it was. One team member has experience teaching SAT classes and looked over college applications for the past three years. The entire team meets twice a week to keep updated, and the first ten minutes are spent praying for one another and sharing life. Every day, each team member reposts an article he/she found interesting with a headline he/she wrote on a private page. Each member has reached out to his/her high school all around the world to survey the students and receive advice from the teachers and administrators.


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